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Andar Bahar Casino Game Guide

The first version is a video game version where you play against the computer, similar to a slot machine or a video poker game. This version is quite exciting but it can also get a bit repetitive after a while, which is why most people prefer the second version. Select an online casino that is open to players from India.

In games where additional betting is required, two cards are dealt with each of the betting spots, and then, the players place the final bets. The cards are dealt with alternatively to each one of the betting spots. The round ends when the identical card is dealt with any of the betting spots. The player, who has placed the bet on the correct spot, wins and gets the payout.

Brief accounts of this game appear on several websites. The following is my current understanding of how it works, based largely on information from the people at GameRules, one of the sites that has a decription of Katti. It is apparent from the various descriptions of this game on the web that there are a number of variants. Many online versions of the game allow additional types of bet.

This casino card game is religiously played by a large and growing base of players, extending well beyond India’s borders into surrounding countries. Besides for its widespread appeal among the people, Andar Bahar is readily available to players at online casinos too. Various software providers offer this rudimentary casino card game to legal-age players at fully licensed online casinos in both Hindi and English. Andar Bahar is said to have originated in Bangalore, India centuries ago. This popular casino card game is also known by other names including Mangatha, and Katti. In India, the game can be played with or without money, and its popularity is greatest in the southern part of India, and the northern regions of the subcontinent too.

Most professional casinos will also have a free play version of each game. This means that you can play Andar Bahar to your heart’s content for as long as you want. However, remember that your winnings will not be real money either.

It’s one of the favourites in its country of origin, but online and live casinos made the game famous across the globe in recent years. Before Pragmatic Play announced its Andar Bahar live table, players had Ezugi Andar Bahar and Playtech Andar Bahar to play at. After the player places a bet, the dealer will deal the cards until he finds a card that matches the value of the middle card. They can choose to place the card on the right or left of the first/middle card. The above simple Andar bahar card game rules apply to both offline and online formats of the game. When playing at an Andar Bahar live casino, there are four main game providers you should look out for.

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